Our Team

William Gillett​

25 years designing data-driven business solutions in  retailing, digital, healthcare and financial services. Previously Director of Marketing Analytics at CitiGroup, Amex, JPMChase.  VP Bus development at several tech start-ups.

Led teams in building solutions across a broad spectrum of business applications.

  • Monetizing data assets (retail/pos, credit card, banking, trading, telecomm, healthcare, digital)  
  • Led Client Teams with Leading Marketers (Amex, Home Depot, Time, GECC, Macy’s, Citi Financial, Sears).  
  • Predictive modeling (risk, response, revenue, site optimization, BtoB, consumer, retail, financial services, telecomm, healthcare).
  • Platforms – OLAP, PowerBI/ PowerPivot, Ecommerce, CRM, Financial Trading, POS
  • Cross Channel Marketing – digital, POS, email, direct, telemarketing.

Led High Profile SWAT teams during Corporate Mergers –

  • JPMC/ Chemical/ BankOne – global financial operations integration spanning 100+ SBUs.
  • Wells Fargo/ Wachovia / AG Edwards – brokerage salesforce integration and realignment impacting 10,000+ staff and over 1B in expenses.

Led business planning and investor pitches at several starts-ups

  • OLAP Software Developer, Healthcare SaaS (coding, EMR), Online commercial credit services.
  • Cross-Sell Marketing – Capital One – multi-channel 10 Year forecasting tool.​​